Apple Box

A Dozen Apples or two dozen

A dozen crisp, full of flavor apples delivered direct to you. This pack
includes the best of the seasons apples. In early September, we have the Akane, a cousin to a Jonathan with that mildly tart flavor.  In early October the Red Delicious stand crisp and sweet.  This apple will surprise you when fresh.  We end with Criterion’s, Rome's and Granny Smith’s shipped from the mid October through the Christmas season.   If there is a variety we grow that you want shipped, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate  your request. You can do a mixed box as well.

We ship priority mail and only on Mondays so it will not sit over a weekend.

We are sold out for the 2018 season.  Watch out for next year.

USD 15.00/one dozen

USD 25.00/two dozen

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  2. Rome
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