Conner Orchards has almost 600 lavender plants.

We feature Grosso that makes the most of our essential oil and hydrosol. Melissa (white flower) and Folgate are great for culinary use. Purple Bouquet is a dark purple that stands out and is good for crafts. We also have French Fields, Malleitte and Edelwiess (another white flower). We also have 2 True Hidcote plants (not a variety we will replant).  We offer only Micro-crop artisan lavender from the alpine region of Colorado.

Lavender: Lavandula Angustifolia is known as True Lavender or English Lavender and is considered to have an earthy scent. 

Lavandin: Lavandula x Intermedia known as Lavindin is considered to have a sweeter scent. It is a hybrid plant developed in 1900 by crossing true lavender (L. angustifolia) with spike lavender or aspic (L. latifolia) and is larger than lavender with a woody stem and blue or gray flowers. It has similar qualities to that of True lavender but since it has a sharper smell, it is especially useful for treating muscular aches and pains, as well as for circulatory and respiratory problems. 

Note: Lavandins have a high camphor content and not the choice for culinary use.
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  1. Distillation
    The Lavender Association of Western Colorado still.
  2. Culinary
    Lavender makes a great addition to deserts, baked goods and main dishes. SHOP - CLICK ON THE PHOTO
  3. Snow Surprise
    The lavender after a mother's day snow storm in 2014
  4. Farmers' Market
    You can find us at the Montrose Farmer's Market almost every Saturday. We are venturing to Andover and Wichita, Kansas over Labor Day. .
  5. Bath and Body
    Essential oil, hydrosol, bath bags, foot soaks, sachets, and lip balm. So many great ways to bring lavender into your life. SHOP - CLICK ON THE PHOTO
  6. Harvesting
    It takes many hands to harvest.