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  1. Utah Giant - Nice and firm .sweet Bing - Rainer - Santina - Our early cherry. Another firm flesh sweet cherry Royal Ann - Beautiful and on the edge of tart. Cherries do not ship well so visit us at one of our Farmers Market or stop by the orchard.
  2. PF Lucky 13 - An early producer, this peach holds up to handling. GloHaven - Known for its milder flavor this is a freestone peach. A favorite for canning and freezing because it resists browning. Contender(F) - Marvelously melting, sweet yellow flesh, this is an extra-juicy peach. Red Globe - (F) A very large round peach. Skin is a highly blushed red over a golden color. Firm, yellow flesh with excellent sweet flavor. Crest Haven (F)- Good for canning and freezing this is one of the best peaches around. Madison (F) - Medium size with bright red skin and deep yellow firm flesh. The flavor is mild and rich. Excellent for fresh use, freezing and canning. Early Elberta (F) - A superior choice for the Western U.S. The golden flesh of this variety is delicious, and its tangy flavor is improved. (F) - freestone
  3. Akane - An excellent early season apple with an unusually good balance of sweet and sharp flavors. An excellent eating and cooking apple. Zestar - This summer apple is crispy and light. The apple is best used for fresh eating, and for use in a variety of baked goods, sauces, desserts, and salads. A moderate storage apple. Honey Crisp - The name says it all. Sweet and crisp this apple has flavor. Crimson Crisp - This apple has a wonderfully breaking crisp flesh, light yellow, which is firm and dense, even hard, and more fine-grained than coarse. It holds a lot of juice and has a very good sweet tart balance. Red Delicious - Don't let the ones you have had in the past turn you away from this delicious apple. Try one fresh you'll be pleasantly surprised. Rome - These superb cooking apples retain their shape as well as their tart flavor. This is an old time variety that stores well. Criterion - Best known for eating apples, these are also excellent for pies, salads and sauce. A great apple to dry and store.. Granny Smith - This tart apple is great for eating and cooking. Mix with other varieties for a great taste. This is a great keeper.
  4. Shiro - An early yellow plum with a juicy and moderately sweet pleasing mild flavor. Blood Plum - A deep red, ruby sweet plum. Italian - These large, freestone purple plums are very sweet, perfect for drying, eating fresh, or canning. French - A sturdy lunchbox plum that can take a jostle, these are good for eating or cooking. This plum is smaller than most, but tasty with a concentrated sweetness. Good for drying too.
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